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At that point, we see a cat bound away from the crater left by the grenade he smothered and the mysterious figure appears again. In The Marvelous Land of Ozthe Wobblebug claims that tailors are like cats, in that they also have nine lives, which is how he got his fine clothing.

Variations on the Andrew W. Upon dying, they "respawn" somewhere in the same level and can go back to finish off what killed them and eat their own corpse. Toys Flush Forcein reference, has the character "18 Lives", a two-headed black cat. His nine lives are seen flying away headed for Heaven Each of its incarnations is more deadly than the last.

Cat Duchess mentions that he could have lost his life saving her daughter, and Thomas O'Malley wryly comments that he has "a couple to spare". The bar must be baked in an oven before consumption, and the surface sugar caramelises in the process.

One Weird War Tales comic had a story where a soldier rescues a cat, at which point a mysterious wizened figure tells him he's been gifted 9 lives by the cat.

When she shows up on a subsequent page without a scratch after the process, the only explanation she offers is "Because I'm Blair".

This comes up in an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Blinx, the main character, is an anthropomorphic cat.

He then promptly starts wasting his 'extra' lives in foolhardy heroic stunts in hopes to look good. Whether or not lives are simply subtracted or not given at all is a matter of circumstances. During the game's climax, Rosella's Love Interest Edgar is killed by the Big Bad Malicia; using the life on him gets you the Golden Ending while failing to so or not obtaining the life to begin with gives you a Bittersweet Ending instead.

In a subversion, each resurrection deteriorates the cat somewhat: Parodied during a sketch on Robot Chickenwhen a cat, about to be hanged, tries to trick the hangman. In the pilot of one of the attempts for an American remake of Red Dwarf they turn The Cat into a female, fearless warrior with nine lives.

And then the series got cancelled. At least one of these ghosts, who was an undertaker in life, hopes to bring Fraidy over to the afterlife. In the end, the Inspector shoots the cat, but its nine lives make noise as they drift away, leaving him to deal with the Commissioner's wrath.

Edgar, a Big Bad of a butler, decides to abandon the cats in the countryside in the first place because he figures that since they have nine lives, he will not live long enough to inherit Madame's fortune from them.

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A prequel, The Lives of Christopher Chantintroduces a breed of cats that literally have nine lives. The same premise and gag were re-used in Freling's short " Back Alley Oproar ", with Sylvester as the pesky cat and Elmer Fudd as the would-be sleeper. And everything was really yummy too.

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Its success was followed by several varieties including mint and caramel, and in Kit Kat Chunky was launched and received favourably by international consumers. Pocket Camp features villagers in total 40 from the beginning, 64 from updates as of July 27th,the fewest of any game in the series.

In Fallout 3while you don't meet cats, it is common knowledge that radiated cats have 18 half-lives a physics joke: She survives and explains it by saying "Do you know how many souls cats have. I hit up this pub called Pre-war Przedwojenna on my first night there, which was so awesome.

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