Paper on philosophy of christian education

Many times rewards are given out for high grades. Becoming a good educator is not something we accomplish once and then move it.

His full conformity to the image of God in Christ—his Christlikeness—is the goal of Christian education Rom.

Philosophy of Christian Education

The students are always discriminating, choosing, and acting purposefully in order to maintain some kind of control over what is happening around them and to them. Most Christian schools today are looked at and understood as very strict lawful environments.

The Importance of Teachers At the heart of a Christian school are its educators. The eternal Creator of all things existed before man and exists independently of man.

We should not expect each student to be perfect in our own eyes, for it is not our eyes that matter. There is no easy answer in this situation, and Christian school librarians must work in accordance with their schools to create policies which allow for both student privacy and parental involvement.

Developing and understanding the reasons our philosophy of education reminds us that educating students is something God takes seriously and so should we.

Students are required to pay ten cents per page when they print from the computer.

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My dealing with a very popular curriculum source is, considering mathematics, that it is excellent for early years, but very questionable for later years. The metaphysical presupposition of a philosophy of Christian education must define its ultimate reality as God Himself.

Love is a gift and forgiveness is a gift. If we do not make connections for the students to the world around them, many times these precious gifts graced upon them will be overlooked or passed by because the young minds may not be able to recognize them.

It is important that students leave the classroom with a grasp of the subject for that day. This means it should acknowledge students as creatures of God again, not simply as subjects in a room by engaging and stimulating the full range of their gifts.

This fellowship was not to be forced but voluntary. The facts should lead the student to a deepening awe for the Creator, to thanks, love and service to Him. Our worldviews are not always necessarily Biblical. Both general revelation and special revelation are considered valid and important for the student to understand.

Many Christian schools teach the facts of the gospel from the beginning. Allowing the state to dictate the standards and procedures of Christian education jeopardizes the ability of parents and church members to exercise their educational prerogative, to perform their responsibility to God for the education of their children.

Any educational system that denies the Spiritual side of man is not concerned with the entire man and is doomed to failure.

As his inherited powers and tendencies surface and interact with his environment and his will, he takes on the characteristics of his adulthood. As far back asJohn Gregory wrote: Christ, our Lord and Master, not only served mankind supremely in His death but also continues to serve His people.

Foundations of Christian School Education. The ethos of Christian education must always have eternity foremost in mind. Scripture is not afraid of the hard, academic questions, but many teach as if they must fear any questioning that arises outside of their established curriculum.

He can serve most fully those who accept His rule.

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What the student knows of God is often what he sees in his teacher. The curriculum must follow this pattern: Human growth, however, does not end with physical maturity. Where did I come from. But the knowledge of God that is unique to Christian education is a per- sonal knowledge that begins with repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and develops through obedience to and communion with God.

It is not just to be religious or to belong to a religious group. Man, however, prompted by Satan, chose to rebel against God Gen. A reverence for the God of truth compels a conscientious regard for accuracy in all areas of factual investigation and reporting.

Albert Greene, in his book Reclaiming the future of Christian Education, emphasizes that the facts taught in our schools should not be simply neutral but must be motivational. This creation of man was instantaneous—by a direct act and not by an evolutionary process. At worst, extreme differences in philosophies may be so blatant that students may pick up on the discord and perceive it as a lack of unity or lack of authority.

Without a regenerated, willing student, Christian education cannot carry out its purpose. Grace in the classroom can be accomplished if we start with this great commandment:. The biblical mandate for Christian education extends beyond the Christian school movement but also fuels the specific mission of Christian schools.

The Christian Philosophy of Education. its philosophy of education. Accordingly there follows, first, a presentation of the basic beliefs of Christian education and, second, an application. May 04,  · My Personal Philosophy of Christian Education To be a teacher at any school, whether public or private, secular or Christian, is a daunting task.

As a teacher I am responsible for the educational well-being of every student that walks into my classroom. Philosophy of Christian Education. Education is a matter of discovering what is ultimately real and learning to live in relation to it in a way that produces a life marked by meaning, freedom, and even happiness.

Education presupposes truth, even in the most relativistic contexts, because teachers are concerned with correspondence between thought and reality. Convention Program Description: How are society and our schools influenced by ideologues? What makes some ideas/philosophies so pervasive that they inculcate our students’ thinking despite our attempts to teach a Christian worldview?

We’ll review the “–isms” that have impacted our culture and discuss the foundations of a Christian philosophy of education. Philosophy of Education (Example #1) My personal goal for my future classroom is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. I want to take students at different levels and see them develop together for the.

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Paper on philosophy of christian education
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